An ongoing feature on wood fire pizza in Ottawa

Easily one of the most popular foods in North America, pizza has been known to exist for at least 1000 years.  At its core, the recipe is simple; cooked flat bread served with delicious toppings.  Today, there is almost an endless combination of crusts and toppings, including deep dish Chicago style served with cheese and chunky tomato sauce; to simple thin crusted masterpieces emphasizing fresh herbs and spices.  Whatever your preference, there is no doubt that pizza transcends countries and cultural borders, and is something everyone can relate to. 

Ottawa certainly has no shortage of pizza places.  Whether it's the small independently owned  pizzeria located down the street or a fine dining sit down restaurant, you can find it almost everywhere.  Why is it then, that there has been an uncommon buzz around the topic of pizzas cooked in wood burning ovens?  Suspiciously timed with the opening of the new Hintonburg restaurant Tennessy Willems, I would hazard to guess that there is more to the picture.  Perhaps the idea of pizza baked in a wood fire oven is somehow more environmentally friendly or wholesome to the body.  Another theory could be that this style of pizza offers a more romantic appeal for casual diners over the typical greasy stereotype.  Whatever the case, these restaurants are booming, and we've been completely swept in by the hype.


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