We've received a lot of questions from people since we started this website, and we thought it would be a good idea to post some of them online.  Please feel free to contact us at anytime, whether you want to meet up for drinks, or just want to know a good place to eat!

-Jay and Sue 


Q: Why did you start food blogging?

A: We wanted to have a shared hobby that we were both passionate about, but we didn’t have a lot of free time to commit.  Since we were already eating out so often and we both have a rich history in restaurants, blogging about it seemed natural. 

Q: Do you review every restaurant you go to?

A: Not a chance.  We eat out so often, we'd have to be full time writers.

Q: How do you choose what restaurants to review?

A: There’s really no predetermined method.  Sometimes we follow recommendations from people we know.  Other times, we choose from our long list of places that we enjoy, but haven’t officially reviewed.  In all honesty, when we want to eat out, we usually know what type of food we want and where we want to get it from, and the decision to review usually comes down to bringing the camera.  It can be a real social liability at times, as some people seem to be painfully uncomfortable with others taking pictures of food while you eat.  Maybe they fear ending up on the internet.

Q: Do you take all your own pictures?

A: Yes, every single image hosted on our website was taken by us.

Q: What camera do you use?

A: We primarily use a Canon Powershot SD 790, because it is compact and takes good quality pictures in many different situations.  We also have a Canon T2i, but it’s a little more conspicuous and is saved for special occasions. 

Q: How do you make money doing this?

A: We don't.  Our slave labour is your entertainment.

Q: Do you tell the restaurant that you will be writing about your experience?

A: Never.  We like to be totally anonymous, giving the staff no reason to treat us differently from any other table.  Also, we try to draw as little attention as possible to the photography aspect, because it's a dead giveaway - only food bloggers take pictures of food in public.


Blog Guidelines

Our primary focus is to deliver a firsthand impression of Ottawa area restaurants to anyone looking for a solid review, but there are some basic guidelines that we follow to ensure consistency from post-to-post:

  1. The restaurant must have a dining area
  2. The menu must be priced per item (not all you can eat)
  3. No take out or fast food
  4. Both Jay and Sue must be present (no one-sided reviews)

Also, we take serious efforts to ensure we don't accidentally bias each other's opinions by minimizing our restaurant-talk during the meal.  It was difficult at first, but it forces us to talk about the other aspects of our lives instead of what's in front of us at the moment.  To be totally honest, we don't even read each other's reviews until they've been posted online.  If you read a post and notice that our reviews are almost identical, that's because those details stood out to the both of us.


Code of Conduct*:

  1. We will be accountable for what we publish, not using our blog as a weapon
  2. We will aim to be civil, but honest about our experiences
  3. We will never review a restaurant if there is a financial bias in our favour
  4. We will never review a restaurant if we receive any gifts or comps perceived to be as a direct result of our blog during the visit
  5. We will always produce our own work (pictures and text)


*Loosely based on 'the code'